Equipment Division

FNS TECH provides System of products according to various manufacturing processes of OLED / LCD based on state-of-the-art technical strength and know-how cultivated in the display equipment business for 15 years after its founding and through communication with customers We offer the highest level products of main OLED / LCD panel maker.

Stability and quality of products through advanced technology and know-how of various manufacturing processes have already been accepted by customers, and due to the competitiveness of these products, they will advance to overseas markets, leap for the second growth It is inside.

FNS TECH will lead the growth market to super-leading global companies with creative technologies through constant innovation and change with top priority on customers and quality.

FNS TECH Equipment Division creates one-stop systems such as manufacturing, designing, controlling, electrical equipment and CS as the main equipment of the Flat Panel Display industry and provides optimization services to meet the needs of customers.

In addition, we are reducing the cost based on technological development and upfront investment to quickly equalize industrial technologies that are gradually becoming more sophisticated, and we are solidifying our internal competitiveness.

Currently, it is judged that it will be a year of jumping through full-scale supply of equipment such as expanding the power supply of equipment all over the country and expanding overseas trading partners, not a differentiation from a competitive company, I promise to become.

Established in 2002, FNS TECH realizes customer satisfaction based on know-how accumulated for display manufacturing equipment.

We provide products with the passion of FNS TECH for each production control thoroughly, not giving a gap from design to mass production.

Products born by the technology of FNS TECH will grow beyond domestic and world markets.