For TOC removal and bacterial sterilization present in DI & WATER, low pressure UV LAMP

- Ultrapure water used in manufacturing processes of FPD (Flat Panel Display) industry, engineering field, pharmaceutical field and other industries such as semiconductor and LCD, TOC (Total Organic Carbon) in 1 ppb unit is also used for process control It can have a serious effect.
- UV LAMP for removing TOC is used in ultrapure water to decompose organic substances in units of ppb.
UV LAMP decomposes the organic bond's unique bonding ring, changes it to CO 2 and H 2 0 through processes such as chemical reaction, so as to remove organic substances contained in ultrapure water in ppb units or less used.


Model No Total Length Arc Length Power Lamp Current Life Time Main Wave
(mm) (mm) (W) (A) (Hrs) (nm)
FNS-145W 1593 1500 145 0.8 8500 185/254
FNS-145W(N) 1593 1480 145 0.8 8500 185/254
FNS-7990W 1566 1466 145 0.8 8500 185/254
FNS-7330W 1583 1470 75 0.425 8500 185/254
FNS-17498 1568 1473 65 0.425 8500 185/254
FNS-17998 1568 1473 65 0.425 8500 254
FNS-17491 855 762 39 0.425 8500 254
FNS-65W(O) 1160 1160 65 0.425 8500 254

• Low Pressure Lamps - TOC LAMP
Features & Applications
- Low Pressure Hg Lamp for Organic Material elimination in DI water generation for Semiconductor and FPD Manufacturing Facilities
- Production of ultra-pure water
- Waste water disinfection
- Oxidation of harmful materials in water and air
- Ozone Generation

• Amalgam Lamp
Features & Applications
- extremely long life, high power
- unique coation
- insensitive to temperature fluctuations"

• Super Pure Water Treatment
Features & Applications
- organic matter decomposition system(TOC-UV)
This system decomposes and removes traces of organic matter contained in water utilizing the wavelength (185nm) of UV rays. The treated water's flow channel and chamber's configuration are optimally designed so that UV rays and irradiate effectively. Using this system, organic matter can be decomposed into organic acid or in organic carbonic acid.
This is auitable for treating a comparatively lower concentration of organic matter in the range of several ppb to several tens of ppb.

• Electronic Ballast
Features & Applications
- A series of electronic high frequency ballast matched to provide optimal performance with our lamps in a true systems approach.
This extensive line of ballast, covering the gamut of germicidal lamps, delivers all advantages of electronic High Frequency operation.


DI, TOC removal present in WATER, low pressure UV LAMP for bacterial sterilization

- High purity quartz tube (Sio2 99.97% or more) made by making the most effective sterilizing power 253.7nm ultraviolet rays are transmitted through the lamp.
- Sterilization with ultraviolet rays can effectively sterilize most microbial groups such as bacteria, viruses, fungi.
- Utilizing the bactericidal properties of ultraviolet rays, it is used in sterilization methods in various fields such as foods, medicines, water, medical care, cosmetics, electronics industry.
- There are slight differences depending on the length of the lamp, the shape of the base, the number and configuration of the connecting pins, and the type of lamp is also varied by the sterilizer.


Model No Lamp Watt Total Length Arc Length Lamp Current 254nm Output Life Time
(W) (mm) (mm) (A) (㎼/㎠) (Hours)
G36T5 41 842 762 1, 4 Pin 130 8,000
G64T5 75 1,554 1,474 1, 4 Pin 220t 8,000
G67T5 79 1,630 1,550 1, 4 Pin 225 8,000

* Measuring distance of 254 nm: 1 M
* It is possible to produce products other than the above standards.
* Since ultraviolet rays of a sterilization lamp are harmful to the eyes and skin, please do not see the lit lamp directly with the naked eye or touch the skin.