Time to go to the future

2010-2017 HISTORY

2017.06 Start of OLED parts cleaning business
2016.12 Order and Delivery of Greenery OLED Devices
2016.12 awarded 10 million export tower
2015.07 Samsung display 8 G LTPS equipment delivery
2014.07 Samsung display 6G AMOLED delivery of equipment
2014.04 Small and Medium Business Corporation Promotion Authority Best Working Practice Selection
2013.12 Chungcheongnam-do Employment Creation Excellent Company Certification
2013.10 Started CMP PAD material business for semiconductors
2012.10 Samsung display 8 G AMOLED delivery of equipment
2012.01 FLEXIBLE OLED BACK Completed development of surface cleaning machine and deliver equipment
2011.07 Fiduciary Jiangsu Province Company Designation
2011.06 Small and Medium Business Administration Agency Designated Export promising small and medium enterprises
2011.04 Acquired ISO 14001 Certification
2010.12 Samsung AMOLED display equipment delivery
2010.07 Received 1 million dollar export tower
2010.03 Samsung display 8G WET equipment delivery


Period of Founding and growth

2002-2008 HISTORY

2008.04 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Registered as a primary partner company
2008.02 Started UV LAMP parts business
2007.03 Heavenly Region 4 Regional Industrial Complex Newly Established Building Moved
2006.08 Samsung SDI Cooperating Company Registration
2006.07 Glass Slimming Machine development completed and equipment delivery
2006.03 Company name change (SPINIX → FNS TECH)
2005.12 Certification of ISO 9001
2005.08 Received Technical Innovation Award from President's Small Business Special Committee
2005.06 Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises [INNO - BIZ] Certified
2004.11 Precision Technology Promotion Competition received the Prime Minister's Prize
2004.05 Designation of designated CLEAN business site by the Department of Labor
2004.03 Establish company attached research institute
2003.11 Founded nursery center nationwide foundation entrance enterprise contest Excellence Award
2003.09 Selected as a star venture company in Chungcheongnam-do
2003.08 Parts / Material specialized company certification
2003.03 Acquisition of venture company certification of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (Technical Credit Guarantee Fund)
2003.02 Temple of the Chungcheongnam-do Tianan Valley moving in (before head office)
2002.03 SPINIX founded (Yongin)